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Residential house selling / listing and purchasing help


Too often in the home selling and purchasing process buyers and sellers are persuaded to list or seek help from brokerage friends without being clear on exactly what services will be provided or how one broker, firm, or company differs from one or another.


Most of today’s home buyers and sellers are pretty well informed about the price their house will sell for (because they live in a know their neighborhood) as well as what a house costs in the neighborhood to which they want to move.


This is thanks to multiple online information sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.  These sites allow most people to easily shop and provide a great deal of useful information to the non-professional public.


So what do you get from us?


Accuracy - We take pains to assure that all the information entered into online databases is correct and complete.  Many people would be surprised at how this simple task is often neglected.


Experience - We have both commercial and residential home selling and buying experience that allows us to be aware of factors that some residential only brokers do not know.  Plus we have over 15 years experience selling and buying in Colorado.  


We can market your home online better than most due to our extensive backgrounds in developing internet based companies and online marketing experience and expertise.


Transparency - We will tell you exactly what we can and cannot do for you.  What value we truly provide, and honestly where you can save money listing your house or buying a new house.  We explain the process to the level you ask.  


If you are willing to do some of the legwork or have already found the house or neighborhood you think you want to purchase, we may be able to save you quite a bit of money on your transaction!

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